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Why choose Amazonia

The Amazing Amazonia !


Guyana and Suriname are the best entry doors to the incredible amazonian world.

In less an hour you can live the amazonian experience : access to Eco Lodges, navigate on rivers and enter in preserved forests.

Our destinations meet all the prerequisites that ensure a quality professional event :

  • An excellent air service : Air France / Air Caraïbes / KLM / Daily flights Paris – Cayenne / 6 flights per week Amsterdan – Paramaribo / Small jet lag (GMT -3)
  • Favorable weather with 330 days of sun per year and no hurricane at all
  • Breathtaking landscapes like rivers edged by mythical primary forest, ocean, savannah, red bauxite lands
  • A rich and preserved wildlife
  • An incredible cultural diversity allowing authentic meetings with the native americans tribes and the community of Bushinengues and Hmong
  • Preserved traditions where village’s chiefs and shamans perpetuate ancient and sometimes mysterious usages specific of animist
  • A rich history with the footsteps of the dutch colonies in Paramaribo and in the former plantation of Suriname or the penal colony of Guyana whose famous Penal Colony of Cayenne on the islands of Salvation
  • 4 stars accomodations at european standards, eco lodges, various cuisine, quality roads and infrastructures
  • Two founders associated, trend setters, creatives and complementary both accumulating more than 40 years of MICE and event experience