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Our values

The world is wide, let’s stay close.


Our vision :

We believe that a successful event is based on the value creation, to transform a raw material in a coherent set intended to surpass the imagination of your clients.


Our mission :

To accompagny you in the success of your events by being the reliable support of your creativity.


Our ambition :

To create with you events according to a logic of partnership. It is about to associate our skills so your clients witness unique events.


Incentives expertise :

It is a question of look and creativity. To manage the energies, put rythm and give relief. In three words, it is about to customize, upgrade, dynamize.


Knowledge of the field, control of the providers and proximity :

Nothing is frozen, that is the motto of a DMC. We have to advice you on the assembly of a program and on the choice of our partners from simple criteria. The main words are security and liability.


Respect of the commitment :

The force of a DMC is to respect its commitment to the suppliers at all levels. Simple and specific expression of the expectations of the client, mutual commitment and respect of the terms of the contract, respect payment deadlines, fair consideration of human resources.


The recipe of a successful event :

Every event must lead to the creation of real immaterial capital. A bond that is woven between participants through the lived experience, even fast, an exception moment out of time and space.

We share the same goal :

Transform the ephemeral into an insane, authentic and outstanding experience. We think that in our online business there exist a border which seperate clearly two distinct universe. In one hand the service delivery, in another hand the advice.


Our vocation is to advise you.