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Feet on earth, head in the stars !

Guyana will lead you from jungle, through rivers and primary forest, to spatial conquest history and National Center of Spatial Study at Kourou. You will travel back in time by meeting native american, heirs of the soul of forest and river. They still live in a traditional way in the heart of their tribes where ancestral traditions perpetuate.


You will dive in the future by discussing with passionate and exciting engineers who will make you discover the spatial history and its next development. You could assist depending on dates, to rockets launches and visit the National Center of Spatial Study.


In the heart of the penal colony, you will meet the ghost of Steeve McQueen in the role of Papillon, after navigating through mythical islands, sometimes Devil’s Island, sometimes Salvation’s Islands.


You will sail pirogue during the night to observe caimans and nocturnal wildlife, or to try to identify one of the 667 birds species listed. You will fly over Amazonia and discover the magical show of the canopy,  you will sleep in hammocks as well as eco lodges.

Being DMC – Destinations Management Company in Guyana:

Guyana has all the assets of an Incentive destination as long as one seeks an authentic destination and off the beaten track. Far from mass tourism you can hold your professional meetings, seminars, reward trip following commercial challenges in unusual places to give a unique dimension to your business challenges.


The WOO effect so much sought after in the conduct of professional events is assured here. This is truly a MICE destination with great potential. Our expertise in the field of business tourism combined with our knowledge of the field and our network allow us to develop tailor-made programs for you for the most demanding MICE agencies. This is the tailor made Amazonian.


We are in Guyana the only DMC 100% MICE in the French Amazon. Being DMC in Guyana is above all the desire to reveal the potential of this part of France in South America. We are represented in France by the representative office of DMC SAFRAN RP and on the Polish market and BENELUX by TRAVELMEDIATE. We are referenced and have our registration of tourist operator with ATOUT France N ° IM 973190001 under APST guarantee.